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Office Furniture Colorado


Pear Workplace Solutions has been delivering office landscapes and office furniture in Denver, Colorado since 1984. We design office environments that increase productivity, communication, and efficiency.

Do you understand the work styles of your work force? How do those differences impact your office furniture? Your office landscape can directly inspire your team and impact your organizational performance.

Office Furniture Colorado – Understanding Work Styles

Do you desire your employees to be more productive, more creative, and more efficient? Their workplace environment is one of the most important aspects to consider.

  • Does your office workplace inspire your team’s creativity and collaboration?
  • Have you defined each person’s unique work style? Your workplace is divided into four categories:

Crew: These teams focus on tactical objectives and require a lot of face-to-face interaction and coordination in order to generate quick responses.

Connector: These coworkers work in groups to generate new ideas and strategies.

Specialist: These individuals work alone and are task-oriented.

Master: These people have deep expertise and often work with intense concentration.

  • Does each employee’s work style correspond to their workspace to increase productivity?

It is essential that your employees have the tools and office landscapes they need to become more effective and efficient. Understanding each person’s needs can lead to the development of a strategy that provides the right resources—space, furniture, and equipment—to optimize worker satisfaction and workplace performance.

Pear Workplace Solutions, providing Denver with high quality office furniture, can help your company develop a strategy that provides the right resources to support both the individual and the group needs—to optimize worker satisfaction and workplace performance. Let us help optimize your workers’ satisfaction and results! Contact Pear today!

We provide services in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, CO. To find out more about our services, visit our Contacts Us page or call us at 303.824.2000.