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Multi-Location Service

Need local service on boths ends of your project?

When clients grow and move, many times you ask us to come along. In our 24 years of operation we have partnered with many clients in leveraging their local standards and programs in to their locations in cities and states well beyond Colorado. Our network of dealers and installation companies nationwide provide established relationships across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Local service, on both ends of the transaction, is what our program delivers. Our network is comprised of dedicated business owners with the ability and philosophy of investing in their companies. Each member of our Intermarket network has a proven management team, and are considered business leaders in our industry.

Project Management: Both at the local and national level your project can be facilitated by our utilization of MS Sharepoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007 allows us to manage your project by simplifying how people find, share and access project information. Everything about your project and related to your project is accessed and maintained in the ultimate online collaboration tool. We're ready to manage your project with the latest on-line collaboration tools available.

  • organize group activities with shared calendars
  • share documents
  • collaborate via a secure website anytime, anywhere
  • discuss and manage projects with sub sites
  • exchange data with other office applications
  • transfer documents using your web browser
  • collect customer data with live forms
  • interactive surveys and data analyses
  • many additional features