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Office Furniture Fort Collins

Pear Workplace Solutions, in operation since 1984, supplies office furniture to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the Denver area. We are experts in the field of office furniture design and placement. If you want your Fort Collins office to be more productive, give us a call!

Depending on the goals and purpose of your workspace, your office furniture can play a large role:

The right office furniture can:

  • Foster a collaborative spirit. Place desks in a cluster to promote interaction. Meeting areas can also be designed to facilitation collaboration.
  • Promote your company’s mission. Each employee can be an advocate for your mission and purpose. Use wall graphics or office decals for internal branding to gradually reinforce the message.
  • Promote communication between employees. Open workspaces foster communication. Remember this might not work for everyone. Some people work better in a quiet space with fewer interruptions.
  • Facilitate virtual collaboration. Meeting rooms should be equipped with technology to accommodate virtual meetings.
  • Adapt to the mobility of the workforce. Consider how the mobility of today’s workers play into the workplace setup and environment.

Office Furniture Colorado – Pear Workplace Solutions

Whether you are opening a new office or revamping your current office space, Pear Workplace Solutions can help. We have a process in place and will walk you through each step, keeping you up-to-date through the entire process. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your company’s goals, values, and mission. We want to help your employees be more productive.

It is essential that your employees have the tools and office landscapes they need to become more effective and efficient. Understanding each person’s needs can lead to the development of a strategy that provides the right resources—space, furniture, and equipment—to optimize worker satisfaction and workplace performance.

We specialize in office furniture and placement! Contact Pear Workplace Solutions for your design consultation.

Used Office Furniture Denver

Pear Workplace Solutions also provides used office furniture that enables you to get high quality products at a lower price. The used office furniture we offer are materially and mechanically suitable for various kinds of applications.

We provide services in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO. To find out more about our services, visit our Contacts Us page or call us at 303.824.2000.